And you’re writing a blog because…..

L Tarantini-Amor

Oy vey! Where do I begin? I’m a born and bred New Yorker transplanted to small-town Essex. I became a teacher by accident. I stayed out of stubborn determination. I succeeded because I used my painful journey of being a foreigner to help kids who were or felt different.

I made huge mistakes. I kept going. I got better. I kept hold of my unique perspective and valued it. I got on some people’s nerves. I got a Masters to back up my opinions. I moved to a London school where suddenly I fit better, faced bigger challenges and began to gain some humility.

I was asked to train as a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator to do my job better. I accepted. I worked 11-hour days to be of service to a tough and complex London community. I experienced things that changed me forever. I have faced different challenges at each school I have served. But I am a better teacher with more perspective, more humility and a much bigger arsenal of secret weapons and effective approaches.

I’m still a New Yorker. I’m still a pain. BUT I am an absolute asset to any school, any classroom, any set of students or parents, anybody I train and, now, to you. Read my blog. Enjoy. Go forth. Kick butt. Conquer ignorance. ‘Nuff said.

Laura Tarantini-Amor, EAL Made Easy