Isolation Reads: EAL Theory and Practice

Like many of us, I am home isolated with my family. While keeping safe, well and intensely appreciative of our key workers is top priority, this is also an opportunity to review my library of resources and refresh my knowledge. I have gathered together basic and advanced reads to help you come out of this …

Differences versus Disorders: A Case Study of Speech and Language Impaired Bilingual Students

My Masters Dissertation – A short plain-language summary of my findings Why I did this study Heading a Speech and Language Resource Base at a large, multilingual London school, I noticed the high number of EAL children who were on the NHS caseload for Speech and Language Impairment (SLI). Looking through case notes, I noticed …

Delay versus Divergence: EAL & Speech and Language Needs

How do you tell if an EAL pupil has Speech and Language Needs? Your job is not to diagnose, but it is to flag up problems. Of course, knowing what is a problem is more difficult with a pupil learning English as an Additional Language. Here is a brief overview of considerations when suspecting Speech …

Top 25 EAL Resource Sites – EAL Made Easy’s Best Picks

Don’t blunder in with any old EAL resource. Learn what you need to support your students’ stage of language acquisition. There are a multitude of bilingual resources out there from translated welcome packs and English-language learning lessons to assessment criteria. What do you need? More importantly, where do you find it?

What is context-embedded planning? EAL and Germination

Find out the three main principles behind differentiation for EAL and main stream curriculum areas. Here is a working example for Life Science and EAL pupils. Download free resources that go with this article.

Top 16 General Strategies for Working with Bilingual Learners

Try these quick tricks and top tips with your EAL pupils today. This top list of the most commonly used and effective strategies developed across all EAL teaching.