Practical Case Study Series #1 – SEN or EAL?

Student N: The slow processor?

Normal bilingual learner or special need?

Student N was a casual admission, i.e., mid-year, and came to our secondary school directly into Year 9. She seemed happy, socially confident and willing to learn, but was extremely slow to acquire English. In the group of students who were all new admissions, she was making the slowest progress out of all of them.

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Why Literacy is Different for EAL Pupils

Below is the descriptor for ‘Outstanding’ teaching under the 2013 Ofsted Framework. Educationalists conscientiously tend to focus on the first part of the statement—their subject knowledge, planning and task design—to the inadvertent exclusion of the second—their students’ prior skills, knowledge and understanding.

Are you leaving out your students’ prior knowledge and skills?

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